Ethan & Sarah (truncated_ashes) wrote in my_weather,
Ethan & Sarah


Here in California's Central Valley ( and the rest of CA for that matter ), it seems like for the last month or so since Spring attempted to start, that it has been repeatedly thwarted by one soaking rainstorm after another at regular weekly intervals...very frustrating for those of us trying to get the outdoor garden going. But, it seems that's all over with ( at least for the next ten-day forecast ). Not a speck of rain on the horizon and sunny skies with highs starting in the mid 70's and reaching into the low 80's eventually. Awesome-ness! I plan on spending the uninterrupted dry time outside in the back yard, making it a hospitable place once again. It's a disheveled mess right now. Sunny and 80° here we come... :)
Tags: 70's, 80's, april, rain, spring
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